Totally Subjective Top 10 TV Shows

Nothing better came to my mind when thinking about a topic for this writing practice, se here we are. I did not watch that many shows in my life, so this list may become more interesting for hardcore fans because of some obvious titles missing.

6-10 could easily be replaced with other series and maybe even shoud have, but i don’t have dozens of hours to analyze them. In the end i don’t even remember most of them fully and the list is made mostly based on feelings they have left me with

10. Cowboy Bebop

Anime from 1998 with 26 episodes. Majority of the show is episodic, although only some of them could be skipped considering plotline.

Whole spectrum of action, from goofy unreal moments to very serious and mature topics, always ending with a lesson. Beautiful characters, music, art and incredibly fitting poetic ending.

9. Chernobyl

Mini series about factual tragedy in Chernobyl Nuclear Plant. Hits very hard, so be prepared for feeling uncomfortable.

A must watch considering its length and relatively recent, not very distorted from reality story.

8. Code Geass: Lelouch of The Rebellion

Anime from 1998 with 50 episodes in 2 seasons. Action takes place in interesting alternative reality where Japan just got conquered by Brittania Empire. Show with complex story, plots and protagonist you’re not sure shold be rooted for.

Ambigious ending which made me happy and sad, but very fulfilled and optimistic. One of the most matching the athmosphere outro themes in first season episodes.

7. Mr. Robot

It is hard to pinpoint best parts, but this show is simply very good in all aspects. Unique and interesting plot, great actors and characters. Nothing bad can really be said about this series.

What i remember best is one episode having pretty much 2 sentences of dialogue in beggining and in the end. Apart from that +40 minutes of constant action which i realized only after reading about it in some forum. This should speak volumes.

6. Avatar: The Last Airbender

Probably the best animated ‘kids’ show I’ve seen. Relatable characters developing through all episodes. Stories mature enough for giving valuable life lessons in a non forced manner, not being dumbed down for 2 year olds.

I am a bit sad to not having seen it in my youth, but only recently. It may be for the better though, because of nostalgia not being able to hit that hard when seeing it somewhere.

5. Better Call Saul

Prequel to Breaking Bad with last episodes being a fulfillment to BB story. It feels like even more polished version of Breaking Bad with deeper dives into dialogues, stories, subtle but significant details and characters motives. 

With things listed above the show may feel slow sometimes, but when it wants to get intense it certainly does. My favourite acting / characters on the list most likely.

4. Death Note

First anime i’ve watched, so it is a nostalgic one. Dark atmosphere with memorable music, protagonist with questionable motives and storyline that, i think, will suck everybody into it. Many people seem to be critical about latter half of the show which i approve of, but not very strongly. With 37 episodes i don’t think it even has enough time to get boring, even with best moments happening in the middle.

The only series i rewatched 3 or 4 times and been lucky enough to read the manga. A certified classic for everyone who’ve seen it.

3. Attack On Titan

The only series on the list which have not been finished yet. Each season feels different and unique in a good way. Second season was the only thing that kept me up untill middle of the night since elementary school just because i could not stop watching it. Complex plot and many twists.

 A lot of various characters, so many that it is hard to remember all the names. Action takes place over a dozen or so years, so character development really sticks out. Some absolute banger musical themes in different styles. Definetly deserves a rewatch someday.

2. The Wire

The most authentically feeling show i’ve watched. Pretty much a cop show, but without explosive chases, gunfights and heroic main characters. It is very raw. The bad guys and their point of view is equally is important in this show.

That being said we can see how similiar people actually are internally and it is the system fucking everybody. Dialogue is masterful and there is no wasted lines. Every season is on the same level – highest.

1. Breaking Bad

This is most likely the most generic top 1 as it covers up with IMDB’s list. However i feel like the show objectively deserves it.

No weak parts. Great all the time with elements of perfection. It lacks nothing for a type of drama it is.

While having all its aspects on the highest level, the fact that it is universally digestable for vast majority of people is what makes it truly greatest of all time in my opinion.

Honorable Mentions

Game of Thrones , Vikings, House of Cards all have the same problem. Insansely good shows with abysmal latter seasons which takes them from around top 5 to being impossible to even rate.

Evangelion is pretty controversial anime which plot you will not understand even after watching explanation video after finishing the series. It is a pretty short series, so you can easily go through the whole thing. Leaves you stunned. Art style is probably my all time favourite.

Arcane had very good story so far. Just the visuals and whole contemporary songs made for specific scenes makes it worth watching.

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